Rotherham Revolution, Season 7 | Part 13 | Rotherham, Four Fronts… And Yet Another Potential 4-4-2

Wednesday 3rd July 2007

Dear Diary,

Despite Mihailo’s Pjanovic’s three minute double for Aston Villa at the end of the game, contributing to a 3-2 for the home team, the lads have managed to sneak into the last European place – technically Cup Winners Cup – meaning that The Millers are in Europe for the first time their history.

And because of Maxim Tsigalko’s match winner for Derby in the UEFA Cup final against Leeds, England have been given an extra UEFA Cup birth, which has been handed to Rotherham.

It’s a big deal for the club. The board have released around £74m for transfer funds, which will allow me  to invest and reshape the fundamentals of the squad, bringing in some of the best young talent currently playing in the British Isles.

What will also be a big deal is how we deal with our schedule. There’s now four competitions that we’ll be playing in next season, which could mean upwards of 50 games, depending on how deep into the competitions we progress.

It’s a massive situation for the club to be in. Despite Rotherham being an absolute shit hole, the prospect of playing in Europe will hopefully appeal to a better caliber of player, which in turn can help drive this club forward.

Coupled with a new 4-4-2 system we’re looking at, the Rotherham Revolution is well underway.

The Rotherham Revolution will not be televised. Although, some of it might be actually be on telly. And on the radio. And most probably on Thursday nights on Channel 5.

So maybe it will be televised after all . Even if we didn’t intend it to be.

For the first time in their history, Rotherham fans will be traveling to Europe to see their team play in the UEFA Cup.

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