A failed left winger who became a failed left back (at school boy level anyway), Vinnie Tatcher is an amateur footballer, journalism graduate, Middlesbrough fan and Football Manager lover.

Playing football before he was even born, Vinnie Thatcher is a life long fan of the game with a passion for the sport that’s matched only by his lack of ability to play it.

Growing up on the crime-ridden estates of Redcar in North East England, Vinnie was scouted by none other than Middlesbrough Football Club on numerous occasions, during a time when Fabrizio Ravanelli, Juninho Paulista and Derek White donned the famous red and white kit.

Still, despite his talent, it was his laziness that persevered, as he failed to secure anything meaningful contract wise, and went onto to study Journalism at the University of Sunderland.

Despite a delay in graduation because of an ill-timed burglary, followed by a brutal; and punishing career in the Food & Beverage profession, the one constant throughout all of Vinnie’s childhood and adult years was his love Championship Manager, and later Football Manager.

With a love of 90s and early 200s football, and with the introduction of The Mad Scientist’s retro databases in recent editions of Football Manager, Vinnie Thatcher decided that the best way to combat the mid-life crisis he’s currently having is to blog about a football computer game that he should have given up playing several years ago.