Rotherham Revolution, Season 6 | Part 6 | Birds of Prey and End of Season Situation

Thursday 8th May 2005

Dear Diary,

The vultures are circling. They’ve found their pray. They’re taking their time. They’re making their plans. And they’re gonna swoop.

And by vultures I mean clubs like Manchester City – who are still fucking around in the First Division – Norwich, Derby, and Bolton Wanderers, amongst others.

And the prey? John Terry. Scott Parker. Wonderkid Liam Fontaine. Bargain basement right winger Steve McGarry, who’s been a revelation for us this season.

But the biggest prey? Michael Carrick.

His potential suitors include Atletico Madrid, Fiorentina and Arsenal amongst others, which is a huge problem, as he doesn’t want to renew his contract with us. 

However, they’re are still bigger fish to fry, especially when it comes to our Premier League status.

Seven points from safety and with three games to go, the fact that almost a third of our starting 11 are wanted by other clubs provides a worrying back drop to the end of our season, and could really upend our summer and pre-season plans.

Just as we look like we’re about to cement what could be a team that has the ability to help cement the club in the Premier League for the next couple of years, these shit cunt clubs start registering their interest, turning our players heads, and making them think that there’s something better beyond Rotherham.

Well let me tell you this. There isn’t. Rotherham is going to become a powerhouse of British football, using British youth players, blooding the best players, and sticking it to the fucking man.

None of these clubs have shit on Rotherham. Apart from Atletico Madrid. And Fiorentina. Also maybe Arsenal. But even so. That’s besides the point.

Whichever way you cut, we have to make contingency plans, both in terms of who we have in our squad, and those who are on loan and will soon be returning.

We’ve already identified a few targets, although some of the youth players that have come through the clu

bs within English football in the last six months are looking like they could be super top prospects.

My pick are a couple of young lads from Southampton, Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott, who look like they could tale apart some of their best European defenses over the next ten years.

Raw talent, bags of potential and lightening speed is something these guys have in abundance. Better get to work and see if I can snap them up before thee big boys come calling. 

A couple of other kids that are on our radar are Fabien Delph, Jake Livermore and Lee Cattermole, all who look like they could become incredible prospects. 

As for the league though, we’re still not safe.

Back to back away games to Leeds and Chelsea followed by a final day home game at arsenal means that we’ll be lucky if we pick up[ a single point during this period. 

QPR and Crystal Palace also have some tough games; I’m just hoping their results aren’t better than ours. Because if so, the end of the season could be one hell of a climax.

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